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About Sherilyn

Sherilyn Bridget Avalon is an amazing spirit that is on a mission to expand the human spirit by introducing it to a multi-dimensional life scope. She is one of the cutting edge inspirational motivators of the new millennium. On a daily basis she enjoys zig zagging through other realms of existence. She has learned to bridge the two worlds in order to create a greater more adventurous living experience. In her fascinating book “Place33”, she reveals secrets of universal truths that have been hidden from the human experience for millennium.

Discover How Mutual Awakening Can Expand Your Consciousness So You Can Activate Your Own Potential and Our Shared Evolution.

Learn how Joseph graduated
from the 3rd dimension with honors.

Through the unfinished information 

Joseph Campbell Channeled.


5-Star Reviews: "A seamless blend of  fact & fiction, fans of romance, spirituality, energy, history & heroes will find this book unbelievably thought-provoking, while at the same time moving."

Sam Donald, Educational Phycologist

How have you been!! I hope all is well ♥️

Oh my goodness i love book #2 ♥️♥️♥️ to be honest you made a big impact on my journey to enlightenment, i have alot of questions but ill start with one thats been on my mind lately 

I’ve been watching judy quartz crystal and in some of her videos she mentions chakra systems have been removed and kundalini is a soul trap...so my question is does one have to achieve a kundalini awakening to raise ones vibration or is it simply another method and “no way is wrong”

Jasmine Ward, First Magazine

Michelle   Jan 1, 2015 

One of the most detailed after-death communications ever recorded, The Afterlife of Joseph Campbell takes you on an unprecedented journey into the mysteries of life beyond death.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to find the missing piece to themselves spiritually, this book causes your mind to travel to a place only few can ever reach.

Alison Green, The ABC Blog


This Book is a great adventure into the unknown. The info about the other side is very enlightening. Sherilyn and Sterlings adventures and relationship has really interesting twist. It should be made into a movie. A must read!!