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Departed Entering Another Dimension


Sherilyn Bridget Avalon

Intuitively Divine Development. 


Memoirs from the Intuitively Divine 

Mike Kurban

 Mary Ann McCambridge 

About the book

Chapter 1: No End    2

Chapter 2 - Perception Development.    16

Chapter 3- How does the Spirit World Operate?    18

Chapter 4 - What about Past Lives?    23

Chapter 5 - How to do a Intuitive meditation    30

Chapter 6 - What is Channeling, by Maryann    34

Chapter 7 - Am I Psychic or Intuitively Divine?    40

Chapter 8 - CERT Method    43

Chapter 9 - Tuning into life force energy    51

          Third Eye Exercises  (Mike Kurban)    53

Chapter 10 - Maryann on Spirits,    56

Chapter 11 - Trance posture and position    61

Chapter 12 - CHAKRA BALANCING    63

A Bit About us

Cherlyn Fields, (a.k.a. Sherilyn Bridget Avalon) An Author, and a Master Holistic Intuitive,  Intuitive Development, a mentor with a passion for raising the frequency of the world-Helping clients change their intuition, power, and purpose so they can help themselves and those around them. 


Her popular Book, Place 33, Secrets of Universal Truths, 

and Chakra Awakener course, along with The Art of Giving
Yourself a Chakra Selfie is helping thousands of people combining their intuition with chakra management.  In each of these roles, she helps people align their Chakras, along with their intuitive power, and purpose so they can help others.


By intuitively becoming Divine,  "tapping-in" to crystal energy, with Sound Therapy along with crystal bowls, and tuning forks giving you a whole new perspective on  life.


Mary Ann, is a gifted Intuitively Divine Medium since age 5, has the ability to see and communicate with loved ones who have transitioned (and relay messages from them)
AN EXPERT Numerologist since 1998, and Tarot reader for over 30 years.

Most humans on earth are completely oblivious to the fact that we are living in a magnificent time of spiritual expansion. Most of humanity will find it hard to believe that we are very fortunate beings. Every day we awaken to a 

constant bombardment of catastrophic news. The mainstream media are addicted to finding and informing the public of the most gruesome events that happen on a 

daily basis. Behind this delusional media fiasco, is a deep awakening that’s happening on a collective conscious level and an individual conscious level. We now have some very powerful tools available that will allow us to tap into our higher selves and start stepping into our magnificent infinite power. Once we open “Pandora’s,” box we start experiencing a vast reality far greater than we ever believed possible.

How to become  Intuitively Divine 

    I wrote this book to help you understand the meaning of the Spirit World.   My Friend Michael Kurban. Who channeled a lot of this information from Intuitive Souls. Mary Ann and I added to the data. Inside you will find the lessons and the values of why we think we are here. 


I am honored and blessed that Spirit is working with me and through me to be of service and offer this form of healing. 


When we enter into the physical bodies, we agree to accept the veil of forgetfulness. We are accepting the veil of forgetfulness right now. We don't remember the other side or who we are. But in some cases we have unfinished business.



What happens during the death stage? 

    Does it bring us closer to Heaven? Not so, for you can have Heaven on Earth depending on your situation, Or you can have Hell on Earth depending on your thoughts. Heaven or Hell exist in the mind of the beholder. You can have Heaven while dealing with a  critical situation or have Hell while dealing with a crisis.

     I have found that some souls will pass on during their sleep, while others will go hundreds of different ways. Death is inevitable for everyone. 

    I asked my Aunt when she passed what was it like there, other side of the veil? She paused and told me, “You are all going to get your chance to find out! Then proceeded to tell me the streets are paved with gold...


Everyone asks, “Why Death?” 

    Why don't we live forever? DEATH is what this book is all about, different ways to view our life experience, whether good, or bad. The journeys are up to us. 


    Q. Is Heaven a place you’re coming from or going to? 

   A. Both! It’s all about perspective.

What is this about

DEAD cover.jpg



Everything is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. For example, an engine changes chemical energy (gasoline) into mechanical energy. Our body is a living energy system that can be manipulated through our words and feelings.

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