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What are Crystal Singing Bowls?

Singing Bowls produce a harmonization between their vibration and that of the person. Resonance is the principle on which vibrational medicine works. Resonance is the capacity of a certain vibration to produce a response in something with a similar vibration. The vibration of Crystal bowls has the power to make atoms vibrate and reorganize themselves in a crystalline structure, which is stronger, healthier, and more balanced. The sound will affect the whole individual in a holistic manner, balancing first the energetic body and chakras and then cleaning the auric field. The vibration actually spikes the spinal cord which acts as a strong resonance vehicle sending the waves through the nervous system, cells, tissue, and organs. These tones or vibrations bring the individual playing or listening into heightened states of consciousness because of the effect on inter-neuronal connections. The sound waves produced by the bowls induce a state of relaxation similar to the practice of long-term meditation. While in this relaxed state induced by the bowls the mind guides the consciousness on an inner journey giving the sensation of what Zen Masters call “filling oneself up with emptiness”. This state of emptiness gives us the opportunity to see the world and ourselves from a different perspective.


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How will Singing Bowls make me feel?

The people who experience the effects of the bowls describe it as a deep physical and mental relaxation, sensations of floating, and wellbeing. The experience can unblock and dissolve energetic and physical obstructions in the physical and astral body and thus is a therapeutic tool for deep healing. This is because the seven musical notes reverberate in the 7 chakras and the 7 colors of the human aura creating a vibrational bath that emits a natural balancing effect.


Science Behind the Bowls

Modern quantum theory tells us that everything is essentially energy. When two quanta of similar vibration are united matter is formed, meaning all matter is composed of a different frequency of particles in movement. So too, all organic forms are created by the quantum field with similar vibrations, our bodies, organs, muscles, tissue, etc. If bacteria or any other organism with a different vibration enters our bodies, it alters the vibrational model, producing illness. This is where sound therapy gives the best results as it can realign the affected tissue.  Resonance is the principle on which vibrational medicine works.

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