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Sherilyn Bridget Avalon

Intuitively Divine Granny 



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A Bit About us

Sherilyn Bridget Avalon.  An Author, and a Master Holistic Intuitive,  Intuitive Development Mentor with a passion for raising the frequency of the world-Helping clients change their intuition, power, and purpose so they can help themselves and those around them. 

Her popular Book, Place 33, Secrets of Universal Truths, and Chakra Awakener course, along with The Art of Giving Yourself a Chakra Selfie is helping thousands of people combining their intuition with chakra management.  In each of these roles, she helps people align their Chakras, along with their intuitive power, and purpose so they can help others. By intuitively  "tapping-in" to crystal energy, with Sound Therapy along with crystal bowls, and tuning forks giving you a whole new perspective on  life.



Discover How Mutual Awakening Can Expand Your Consciousness So You Can Activate Your Own Potential and Our Shared Evolution.
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