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Place 33, Secrets of Universal Truths Revealed - Press Release



Sherilyn Bridget Avalon



Place 33 - Universal Truths Revealed


• What inspired you to write this book?


I started out doing self hypnosis. Then I met this guy who I hypnotized to help him get out of his pain. He had a head

injury and because of this he was able to focus extremely well. Better than most. So when we did our first hypnosis

session amazing things were revealed. That he could not have known about. After over 100 sessions. I saw a book.

Wanted others to understand where I was coming from, especially my children.


• Summarize your book in one to three sentences as if you were speaking to someone unfamiliar with your book

and its topic.


When I lost my grandfather, I open up to the idea of life after death and the experience of meeting God’s energy through hypnosis.  I share my life’s journey of  Spiritual tests, loss of my children and finally, true love. 


My parents kick me out of the house at 16 and into the arms of an abusive older man. Following a pattern of bad relationships, I would always seems to be escaping, running away; First from her ex-husband and then an ex-boyfriend. Finally, I retreat to Las Vegas, a city filled with energy and opportunity. I begin freelancing as a graphic designer to support my children. Little did I know, My life would change forever when a friend of mine introduced me to the manager of  Vegas indoor skydiving facility who needed an advertisement done.


Sparks fly when Kenton and I meet. However, a chance encounter with a man named Sterling changes everything through various hypnosis sessions, he takes me on the ride of a lifetime. What was deemed "the Elevator of Enlightenment" Located at Vegas Indoor Skydiving through the 33 Levels of Consciousness. 


Here, I meet my God Mother (Angie), along with Frank the Male Archetypal energy of the time, known as a Trickster. And a multitude of others who teach me how to access my full potential – On my journey of how to become an enlightened soul. A.k.a. Femanale being.


• What is the overall theme (central topic, subject or concept) of your book?


 Place 33: Secrets of Universal Truths Revealed weaves a fantastic journey through worlds and dimensions we never imagined. It tells of ways to grow and elevate our conscious awareness as we learn about life and ourselves through my lessons.


Such as, what is energy? What does it mean? What is a metaphor? Its a voyage to discover stunning truths, learn the secrets of energy, love for yourself and others, and an acceptance of our miraculous universe and all its dimensions. If you are a true seeker of Enlightenment, Place 33 will guide you toward the knowledge for expansion. It’s multi-dimensional.


• Where does this book take place?


 In the book it takes place mostly in "the Elevator of Enlightenment" in the Indoor skydive facility, and at Place 33, which is located in the the 33 rd. Dimension. But,  we travel to many dimensions, in reality it takes place on my couch in the living room.


 Who are the main characters and why are they important to the story?


Kenton,The manager of the wind Tunnel, Sterling,The elevator mechanic, Sherilyn, The

Misplaced Soul, Angie, Guardian Angel/God Mother, St. Stephen, God Father, Frank, The Trickster, Joseph, Joseph Campbell Soul on the otherside. There are many twists and turns to enlightenment.


• Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers?


Well, it's based on a true story. Its very unique and  It has a lot of universal secrets revealed.On top of being an epic journey.


• How is your book relevant in today’s society?


 Its universal, the world as you know it will change once you read it.


• Is there any subject currently trending in the news that relates to your book?


Oh yes, Quantum physics, Secrets of energy, Dimensions, Supreme Souls, Looking at the Ego Abstractly, Personality, Fear of death.  You know the Mystery of Being.


• What makes your book different from other books like it?

Its a fantastic, but real interaction that only I have been privileged to have through hypnosis. We all have Our Story, then we have



• What do you want readers to take away from your writing?

⁃ If you are a true seeker of Enlightenment, and we are all Seekers, just at different stages. Place 33 will guide you toward the knowledge for expansion.


• How did you learn about the topic? (i.e. personal experience, education, etc.)

⁃ I studied with Rev. Don Weldon. But mostly through Life experience doing hypnosis.


I learned that -There is something much, much greater for you when you graduate this plane. I Learned there are Forgiven and

Unforgiven Souls. We all start LIFE as Unforgiven. (I think thats what the Biblical scholars meant by sinners) Unforgiven are the scars or distortion you have, that comes from a misunderstanding of thoughts, and fears. You must learn to Love Unconditionally, and Forgive we are tested until you become a Forgiven Soul. And dont give into Fear.


I Know this sounds a bit crazy -  I was given this info by Jesus on dimension 19. A sin is an old archers term which means to miss the mark.


• Is there a particular passage from your book you’d like the best?


There are a couple that come to mind;


"When you bring the ego into balance you awaken in the truth. Two people must compromise with each other’s egos to build trust and look in the mirror. This is how you look at your ego. “Why? Because a well-managed ego is a marvelous servant. An ill-managed ego makes you a slave.”


“The embryos are blue because they speak to the spirit. A few can see while in the earth’s sphere, what would be ultraviolet radiation, mechanically speaking, the electricity of energy bouncing off things. This is part of the polarization, observing things in their entirety. I wasn’t doing that at the time. I was trying to reduce things into a singular thought,

ignoring polarity.”  


 Joseph Campbell




• Author bio.


Sherilyn Bridget Avalon is happily married, Loves her four amazing children and their spouses, and seven beautiful grandchildren. She is an entrepreneur always creating and designing something. Her and her husband run Vegas Indoor Skydiving.  She became a graphic artist over 30 years ago and loves to write as she resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She then started a company called Ascension Oils and a series of workshops which helps people raise their consciousness. This book is based on the real life story of an ordinary girl who discovered and explored the phenomenon of hypnosis. While traveling into the unknown territory of the Divine Mind, She shares her story of children, life, love and loss and how she emerged with an ultra-expanded consciousness available to us all.


• What other books have you written?


You can awaken the qualities of your Divine self.

The Big We

and Im working on Place 33, Book 2


• Do you have an existing website? If so, please provide the web address.,


FAQ's about Ascension

Let us begin now by answering some of the questions you might have about ascension, masters of immortality, and what

is covered in this book:


Q: What is immortality?


A: Immortality is eternal life. It means living beyond death. You have an immortal spirit, an eternal soul that never dies, even

when your physical body dies. You live forever in a  body of light, no matter what physical bodies you inhabit during your

cycles of incarnation.


Q: What is ascension?


A: Ascension means consciously living forever in your body of light. After you attain ascension, you no longer need to take birth

or death in a human body. You can appear whenever, wherever, and in any form, according to your will.


Q: Who are the inner teachers?


A: They are radiant, wise masters of light within you: beautiful, divine, radiant light-beings dwelling in your own heart and soul.

They may be deities, angels, archangels, ascended masters, divine beings, or aspects of your own higher self, such as your "I AM"

self or soul self. You will discover them as you read this book.


Q: What is an ascended master?


A: Ascended masters are enlightened humans who have attained physical immortality by transforming their physical bodies into

more refined, luminous, subtle material. In this book you will read about many of them and see how some of them have



Q: Can ordinary people attain ascension?


A: Anyone with a sincere heart can aspire to this lofty pinnacle of human expression in divine form. Few have achieved this goal,

but it is open to all. In this book you will learn more about walking beyond death and attaining physical immortality.


Q: How can I communicate with ascended masters and spiritual beings?


A: The entire secret to receiving messages from these divine beings is to ask for it. Anyone with earnest desire can receive divine

revelations within their own heart through subtle sight, sound, and sensing. Through this book you will begin to do that.


Q: Are the methods in this book difficult to practice?


A: This book is easy to understand, logical, and practical, with simple-to-learn methods requiring no previous experience,

background, training, or knowledge.


Q: Is this yet another ascended master cult, with strict rules and regulations?


A: This is not a cult. The universal techniques offered here impose no restrictions and are compatible with other religious

philosophies, lifestyles, and personal beliefs.


Q: What if I do not agree with what is proposed here?


A: You may not agree with the concept of physical immortality. You may think that death cannot be overcome. However, if you

have an open mind and are willing to participate in the experiment, this book can awaken you to the possibility of eternal life,

beyond mortal limitations.


You can receive precise, clear messages from the Holy Spirit and your higher self.



Benefits you will receive from workshops


1. Understand and experience all levels of consciousness of the inner and outer life


2. Discover the vibrational level of inner identity of each of your inner contacts


3. Learn the safeguards which assure discernment in receiving clear guidance


4. How to form questions to ask your higher self and receive clear and reliable answers


5. Recognize and learn to use specific inner “healing signals"


6. Recognize your own specific inner “yes" and "no" signals


7. Practice guided Divine Revelation meditations and “speaking- through"


8. Receive personal counselling, healing, and answers to your questions.




Press release.

Book Title: PLACE 33

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