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Discover Essential Oils

Emotional Wellness  |  Mental Clarity  |  Spiritual Balance

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Grab your FREE eBook, Awaken the qualities of your Divine Self Guide to Essential Oils!



Complete with lists of oils for specific purposes, general oily tips, a key to give you a quick glance at how to use each oil, and six unique recipes specially formulated for empaths in order to help you balance, ground, cleanse, restore, relieve, and boost your energetic and emotional state!

Here’s a list of some of the oils used in the research and their electrical frequencies:

•    Juniper – 98 Mhz
•    Angelica – 85 Mhz
•    Frankincense – 147 MHz
•    Rose – 320 Mhz.
•    Sandalwood – 96 Mhz
•    Helichrysum – 181 MHz
•    Peppermint – 78 Mhz
•    Lavender – 118 Mhz

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