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Las Vegas resident dimension roamer, Author, Sherilyn Bridget Avalon, is zig-zagging the Spirit world bringing you weekly travel stories and Spirit roaming moments from incredible dimensions in the spirit world. From hidden Universal Truths and the must-try Elevator of Enlightenment, to spectacular alien encounters with locals, Let Sherilyn enlighten you to the kingdom that is within all of us. We invite travelers through hypnotic voyaging to roam the world within and without.


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Awaken within with Sherilyn

Eric & George talk with Sherilyn about her book Via Skype from the Keys.

Awaken within with Sherilyn

talk with Caryll - Animal Whisperer. Sherilyn about her book.

Awaken within with Sherilyn

Online Chat with Ger Heijboer jr. from Kerkrade, Netherlands.

of He will teach us...How to reach a state of being the Best that you can be? His speciality is animal whispering.


Awaken within with Sherilyn With Janet Dunangan - Author of "You get it when you get it"

Awaken within with Sherilyn - Really interesting show about Crystals and how they work. Crystals have pyro electricity and pizieo electricity.

Awaken within with Sherilyn With Dillon Boy (her Son) talks about opening his new gallery at Container Park. His Love of Summer. His Family's very important.

Awaken within with Sherilyn - Perfect in our imperfections. The maintenance of Awakening.

The 12 Maintenance Zen tips. 5 Forgiveness Techniques.

Awaken within with Sherilyn With Dr. Edwidge, Author of - You're not crazy, You're awakening"

The absolute truth be brave and look!

Awaken within with Sherilyn -


The knowledge is from Alpha beta.  Alpha Beta the Greek biologic symbols of energy represented his what your alphabet is. its alpha-beta.  It came from Alpha beta, which is a planet.  The 3rd planet in the 2nd galaxy from your earth.  And it is a planet that cannot be seen but felt.  And alpha-beta is a dimensional wavelength that which is involved in telepathy. 

Awaken within with Sherilyn - Today's show was a real life changer for those who are not yet awaken! With Rev.Dr. Edwige B. Author of "You're not crazy, You're awakening".


We talk of Divine feminine energy and that which represents these aspects within the universe:love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness,connection, and harmony.

Awaken within with Sherilyn - Listen to this house wife as she shares her stories of Spirit and Orbs. Orbs-videos von atehsa

Awaken within with Sherilyn - On Alltalk Radio with Mike Kurban.


Today's show was about Mike & his Die hard cast leaving to Texas.


We talk of Mike Leaving Alltalk Radio.